Communication difficulties can have a devastating impact on a child’s overall development and quality of life. It impacts on a child’s emotional wellbeing as they can become very frustrated or unconfident. It can restrict their ability to learn at school, socialise with their family and peers.

Services available

Thildie is able to offer screening, assessment and treatment for a wide range of communication difficulties in children in the following areas:

  •   • Delayed/Disordered Speech Development – Unclear
  •     speech and conditions such as Dyspraxia
  •   • Delayed/Disordered Language Development – Late
  •     talkers or difficulties in Understanding and Expression
  •   • Listening and Attention Difficulties
  •   • Social Communication Difficulties – Autism
  •     and Aspergers Syndrome
  •   • Stammering
  •   • Voice Disorders

All therapy is tailored to each child’s individual strengths, weaknesses and interests. The aim is to help your child reach their full potential quickly, while having fun too!

Thildie encourages parents and educational settings to be involved in therapy, where appropriate, to maximise the child’s progress. She also has close links with local NHS Speech and Language Therapy Departments so that services offered are in the best interest of the individual child and their family.

How to start:

You do not need to be referred for speech and language therapy by a teacher, health visitor or doctor. You are welcome to contact Thildie to discuss your concerns before making an appointment at the Thame Therapy Clinic.

It is usually necessary to complete a thorough assessment of your child’s communication skills before we start with therapy. However, in some cases it is possible to start with therapy straight away, like if your child has recently been assessed by another speech and language therapist.

Our Practioners

Thildie Peacock
Speech and Language Therapy