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by admin / 17 October 2013 / No Comments
Hi everyone from Guangzhao in South Eastern China. I’m here for 2 weeks studying acupuncture in an acupuncture hospital which also has western medicine. We are in the middle of a city of 12 million people and it is all go 24/7.
The hospital is a bit smaller than the John Radcliffe and I am with a group of 15 Acupuncturists observing various doctors in their surgeries. It is like being in the outpatients wing of the JR as people turn up all through the day and wait to be seen.
In the treatment rooms there are anything from 4-10 beds and couches and everyone gets treated together. They pay £10 per treatment of which £9 is paid by their compulsory insurance. Most of them come in every day.
So far I have been seeing people with paralysis of the face (Bells Palsey and other similar problems), neck spondylitis, back pain and various other pains. A lot of patients have chronic serious problems.
Most of them get needles, anything up to 40 needles at a time, inserted in under 2 minutes! You may be grateful that this is not what we do in the west as a rule! A lot also get Tuina which is like strong massage and in some cases like Osteopathy as they reset bones. Again, this can be vigorous and not for the faint hearted!
So far I am just observing but soon I shall be putting needles in under supervision and joining in the next episode of Casualty!

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