What is the Bodytool? And why is it so great for Chronic Pain sufferers?

It’s a massage instrument featuring 2 stones. Quartz and Greenstone/Jade. These stones are rated at 6.8 and 7.2 for hardness on the Mohs scale. Diamonds are rated 10. These 2 stones are harder than any tissue in the human body. Therefore you can glide around and through muscle tissue easily until you come across something that is not quite right. If you come across this you then use the Bodytool to work out the problem within the tissue. Yes, sometimes this really does hurt. But as soon as you stop working the tissue the pain instantly stops. If you do not come across anything that does not feel right then you just carry on to other parts of the body.

Most people seem to have some constant niggling injury that just never seems to go away or that keeps coming back. Why does this happen? Okay. Let’s picture your entire body encased in a Spiderman suit, or a full body stocking. Head to toe. Now what happens as we travel through life. Twisted ankles, shin splints, cuts, bruises, fingers in doors, dislocated shoulders, broken bones, dead legs, car accidents, falls off bikes, out of trees, burns, surgeries….well I could go on and on. I think you get what I mean. So now at each one of those sites of injury grab your Spiderman suit or stocking, pull a bit of it away from your skin, twist it and put a rubber band around that area. Keep doing this until you have done this at every site of injury in your lifetime. Now try to get a picture of how your suit/stocking has been pulled out of shape. Look at the tension lines around the different areas of your body. Picture a spider’s web with one side pulled outwards. Look how it distorts the shape. This is what happens to your body. Then we continue to run, lift weights, do Pilates / yoga, play sport etc and wonder why suddenly our knee hurts, or our elbow, our wrist, our shoulder, our back, our neck etc. The muscles around, above, and below these sites of pain are under constant tension so eventually something has to give.

Also. In the womb at 6.5 weeks old the foetus develops the sense of touch. From then on it develops patterns of muscle behaviour called “engrams”. We use them to stand up and sit down, write, type, serve and even to stand in ways that express who and what we like and don’t like. For example when we say someone is a pain in the neck they usually really are, that’s why we say it. We use the same system to avoid moving in ways that touch off pain responses.(ie we set a new sensory engram around the source of pain and therefore hide it from our consciousness). In doing this we run a very real risk that eventually we will turn our pain recognition systems off altogether so the pain and the surrounding tissue goes numb.
NB: However the pain doesn’t just go away. It tries another way to get your attention by referring the pain somewhere else, and we end up with less and less use of our hands necks, muscles, limbs, jaws, lungs. . . . the list goes on. Hmm, starting to sound familiar?

What if those rubber bands could be released and our body returns to its proper shape. Finally having the pain from your original injury removed forever. What if the adhesions between muscles and tissue that restrict our movement and flexibility could be broken down.  What if your muscles could return to be nice soft, pliable and springy like they are supposed to be. Not hard, tight and in agony. How can a bulged disc, sore shoulder or elbow ever truly heal if there is constant tension from a former injury that never gets released. You may get relief for a short period but it will eventually return or even manifest itself at another area of your body.

So this is what I do. I ask a lot of questions about past injuries, surgeries, accidents and then perform a body audit where I map out your major sites of injury, adhesions, scar tissue, visible scars, and pain. Then from fingers and toes start exposing them to your brain so that your body can then heal itself.

If you know of anyone with ageless injuries or who forever seems to be in some form of pain then please get them to contact Mick McCleary here at the clinic.