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Andy Roscoe, Acupuncturist here at the clinic  comments…

Stopping smoking is essentially a battle to overcome nicotine addiction and the stress that goes with it. Sincestop smoking Acupuncture is known, anecdotally at least, as an effective method for dealing with stress, many people use it to stop smoking.

There is no research evidence to confirm the effectiveness of acupuncture to quit smoking, but over the many years of treating nicotine addicts I know that seeing an Acupuncturist can be an important part in helping stay the course.

Initially the key issue is to overcome chemical addiction. This usually lasts 2-3 weeks and in this period I would usually treat twice a week, with an affordable fee structure. Treatment would usually involve press-stud ear plasters to take away and advice on calming teas. If the will to stop is there, then Acupuncture will help deal with about 70% of the stress. The rest is up to the individual.

Thereafter the main issue usually revolves around the emotional and mental repercussions of staying free of nicotine, including some of the issues that may have lead to smoking in the first place.  Apart from Acupuncture treatment I would also give lifestyle advice about diet and exercise, and generally work out a strategy to deal with aspects of life that feel stressful.

Having emotional and practical support  and a regular check-in to maintain momentum can make all the difference when we need to make changes in our life.

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