Children, they steal your heart….. and your sleep!

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Acupuncture is a wonderfully effective treatment for children. In acute conditions the results can be instantaneous. Chronic conditions that would otherwise have stayed with a child for much of its life can be substantially improved or cured. 

Illness in a child can mean every day, and sometimes night, becomes a struggle rather than something to be enjoyed. All parents will know how rough they feel after just one disrupted night! After acupuncture treatment parents often remark that they feel as if they have been reunited with their child. Both parent and child feel they have the energy to start enjoying each other again.

Children as young as 3 months old can be treated with acupuncture. Usually a form of acupressure or Chinese massage without needles will be used on those under 7 years old. Those children who feel able to have needles will have an extremely gentle technique where minute needles are inserted and withdrawn immediately. Older children are generally able to take these small needles for a little longer.

Conditions treated range from common colds and coughs, to digestive upsets, to asthma, eczema and other more chronic issues. Frequently children are brought in with no obvious complaint other than a ‘failure to thrive’. Acupuncture can be useful when there is no obvious diagnosis.

A key part of treatment involves advice on lifestyle and diet and if appropriate showing parents how to massage certain areas of the body. Involving parents and the child in maintaining health is often essential for the child to get well.

Andy Roscoe, Acupuncturist and Director of Thame Therapy Clinic comments, ‘Fortunately with children, a little bit of attention in the key places usually puts them back on the right tracks quickly. The care and attention and money spent at a young age will be repaid many times over in later years.’ 

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