Clinic Covid-19 Update

by admin / 09 November 2020 / No Comments


To all patients and friends of the clinic,

Please note that all covid-secure arrangements as detailed below on 12 April 2021 will continue to operate from 19 July 21 until further notice. This means that all those who enter the clinic must still wear a mask, sanitise their hands, and keep a 2m distance from others wherever possible.

These measures are essential to ensure that all those who use the clinic can do so with confidence that safety measures are in place.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Clinic Covid-19 Update from 12th April 2021

The Clinic continues to serve as a centre of non-medical essential health care and as such attendance is deemed essential travel from wherever you live.

With the easing of Government restrictions from 12 April practitioners will have more choice whether to work face to face. However public health guidelines still require the Clinic to follow ‘careful treatment’ protocol which essentially allows all conditions to be treated as long as social distancing and hygiene requirements are followed.

In this respect the Clinic will continue to contact you before treatment to check for Covid-related symptoms, you will still need to wear a mask and sanitise your hands in clinic, and you are still asked to arrive just before your treatment and to come alone if possible.

Thank you and look forward to welcoming you soon.