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We are often asked if we can help women who are having difficulties at different stages of the ‘pregnancy cycle’, whether it be getting pregnant, staying well in pregnancy, support in the birthing process. or post natal care.

Acupuncture and osteopathy may help in these situations in many ways:-

From an Osteopathic angle, we often treat women who are experiencing back pain, pelvic and pubic pain which occurs as the mother to be gains weight at the same time as ligaments are relaxing in preparation for giving birth. Symptoms may be helped by gentle manual techniques. Postnatally, osteopathic treatment may also help some of the pain that some women experience from either carrying their new babies or feeding.

From an Acupuncture perspective, there are many situations where blockages, which do not show on medical scans, may be diagnosed and treated. For example where there is difficulty in conceiving when there is no medical explanation – acupuncture may be able to unlock this mystery. For women going through IVF it is now well documented that acupuncture can help relieve symptoms of the drugs and enhance the success of the programme by 30%.

Other areas commonly addressed by acupuncture include: morning sickness, SPD and other muscular pains, breech presentation (some midwives at the JR Hospital in Oxford now use an acupuncture technique to help turn breech babies), delayed onset of labour and pain or problems during labour.

If you would like to talk through any of the above issues in detail, please speak to our OsteopathsKieren Spencer, Kate Lichfield or Anita Watson or our Acupuncturists, Andy Roscoe, Ross.J.Barr or Debbie Robertshaw.

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