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Hello to all patients and friends of the clinic,


Although Government advice from 4th July proposes changes to social distancing, reducing the safe distance from 2 m to ‘ 1 m plus’, we would like to reassure you that the clinic is committed to maintaining 2m distancing at all times, except during treatment where both practitioner and patient will be appropriately protected.

We would also like to reassure you that current cleaning procedures will be maintained to ensure safety at all times.

The Current Situation and Availability of Practitioners

Currently the practitioners allowed to work with appropriate precautions are osteopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, , reflexologists, some massage therapists, zero balancers, hypnotherapists, life coaches.

Many of our practitioners are still working by remote video consultation. Please ring reception if you wish to speak to them or anyone on the list below.

The practitioners available for face to face appointments are:-

Most of our counsellors, psychotherapists,  and other therapists who are not ‘hands-on’ continue to work via remote video.


We have had to take several steps in order to be ‘Covid Secure’ and below is an outline of some of the differences you will notice when you book in and when you are next in clinic.

Contacting the Clinic – You will be able to contact the clinic on our usual 01844 215555 line but please be aware that we will still be operating with a substantially reduced reception service for most of June with practitioners filling more roles.

Triaging Patients – We are required to carefully triage every patient before they enter the clinic and commence treatment. This will usually be done by phone the day before treatment.

This triaging process is needed to ensure that no one will be allowed in clinic with a confirmed Covid 19 diagnosis or Covid 19  symptoms, or exposure to anyone with these symptoms in the past 14 days.

We will also be asking questions to establish the nature of your condition and whether you have any other breathing difficulties and whether you meet the criteria for ‘urgent care’. Your practitioner will be able to take you through this process.

Urgent Care Definition

Chronic Care Definition
Acupuncturists are now able to see patients who fall into the ‘chronic care category’

This covers anyone with a medically defined syndrome that has lasted for 3 months or more. It also covers anyone with recurring health issues which are ongoing for 3 months or more albeit there may not be a specific medical diagnosis.

‘Urgent Care’ has not been given a precise definition by any of the professional bodies that are allowing the treatment of urgent care patients with complementary therapies.

There are however guidelines and risk assessments which we are asked to follow and evaluate using our professional discretion:-

  • We are asked where-ever possible to use telephone or video consultations if there is any doubt about the level of risk to either patient or practitioner.
  • We are advised not to have any face to face treatment for anyone who is ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ as these are the people who have been asked to shield themselves.
  • We are advised to assess carefully the risk for both parties for those who are ‘clinically vulnerable’, this category covering people who are over 70, or have a BMI >40, or a weakened immune system due to chronic conditions such as diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis, or long term steroid treatment or cancer treatment amongst others.
  • We are asked to consider face to face treatment if the patient’s condition might worsen enough for them to have to go to hospital.
  • We also have the scope to consider the effect of ‘mental stress’ or any physical condition which may have worsened during lockdown such that the patient is unable to do their job or look after their family or partner etc.

Gaining your Consent

You will be asked to sign a form before treatment commences giving your consent for treatment and recognition that the clinic has taken appropriate measures to minimise risk of infection.

Payment for Treatment

We will only be taking card payments or pre-payment by BACS to avoid handling money.

Opening doors

You will be asked to use hand gel immediately on entry, and all door handles and bells will be disinfected before and after every patient.

Soap and Hand Gel

You will be required to either wash your hands with soap or use hand gel whenever you have had contact with any surface in the clinic or with a practitioner. Practitioners will be following the usual hygienic requirements

Masks for You and Us

You and your practitioner will be required to wear a disposable or washable mask at all times in the clinic. Please bring your own mask but if you do not have one we will supply.


Our toilets are open but please make every effort to use your own toilet facilities before coming for treatment as this will greatly help us to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

In the event of needing the toilet we would ask you to wipe down all surfaces you have touched, and we will be cleaning the toilet area regularly as well.

New Cleaning Routines

We have fully reviewed our cleaning procedures and increased the time between patients to allow for thorough room cleaning. The clinic is fully stocked with soaps, disinfectants, hand gel, wipes and all necessary PPE equipment.

Treatment Spacing

Please understand that we will not be able to offer the same frequency or amount of treatment times as before as we need to allow time for cleaning, and to prevent patient crossover.

Social Distancing and Limiting People in the Clinic

With careful staggering of treatment times we will ensure that no more than two patients are in reception at one time in order to enable social distancing.

To help us do this we will ask you to attend appointments by yourself unless it is essential that you have assistance. We would ask you not to come into reception until just before your appointment and not to leave family or friends sitting in reception whilst you have treatment.

Soft Furnishings and your Clothing

We have removed all soft furnishings in the treatment rooms and reception that cannot be wiped down or safely disposed of. This includes all couch covers and pillow cases, and the replacement with reusable wipe down pillows.

If towels are needed we will supply and launder.

If you need to remove items of clothing we would ask you to bring your own plastic bag to keep these clothes off the furnishings during treatment.


Thank you…