Creating your own cosmetics at home for: Combination Skin

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Honey and Banana Exfoliator


  • 1 egg.
  • 1tsp honey.
  • 1tbsp brown sugar.
  • ¼ mashed banana.

Whisk up the egg and honey together, stir in the mashed banana and brown sugar (ensure even distribution). Use the mixture on the skin in circular motions for a few minutes before washing off. Keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge.

How do these ingredients help your skin?

Egg White – Draws oil from the pores | Tightens pores | Exfoliates | Aids spots | High in protein | Aids skin healing.

Egg Yolk – High in vitamins and minerals | Deeply moisturising | Brightens | Improves skin healing.

Honey – Moisturising | Antibacterial | Improves skin healing | Aids breakouts | Rejuvenates | Absorbs impurities.

Banana – Exfoliates | Brightens complexion | Moisturise.

Brown Sugar – Moisturises deeply | Hydrates | Conditions skin | Protects against toxins | Nourishes | Anti-bacterial | Supports skin cell regeneration.

Coconut and Coriander Moisturiser


  • 250ml Coconut Oil
  • 30g Dried Coriander (60g fresh)

Add the coriander into the coconut oil and leave to infuse for 2-3 weeks. Use the oil directly onto the skin or see the recipe below to turn it into a cream.

How do these ingredients help your skin?

Coconut Oil – Highly Moisturising | Keeps skin smooth | Protects against bacteria | High in vitamins and protein | Aids tissue repair.

Coriander – Antioxidant | Anti-inflammatory | Detoxifies skin | Anti-bacterial | Treats blackheads | Anti-aging | Absorbs excess oil.

Basil and Papaya Cleanser


  • ¼ fresh mashed papaya (or 1tbsp dried).
  • 2tsp dried basil (4tsp fresh).
  • 1tbsp deionized / distilled water.


Mash the basil into the papaya and stir in the water. You may wish to strain out some of the harder pieces of pulp before use with a muslin cloth or pair of ladies tights. Apply to the skin with a cotton pad, wait a minute or two and then wash or wipe away.

How do these ingredients help your skin?

Basil – Anti-bacterial | Detoxifies | Brightens | Anti-aging | Fights blackheads | Anti-inflammatory.

Papaya – High in vitamin A | Removes dead skin | Hydrates | Anti-bacterial | Aids-discolouration | Anti-inflammatory.

Peppermint and Rosemary Toner


  • 30g Dried Peppermint (60g fresh).
  • 30g Dried Rosemary (60g fresh).
  • 250ml deionized or distilled water.
  • Muslin cloth / Ladies tights.


Infuse the water with the herbs for 5-7 days. Strain through the cloth to remove the herbs and use the remaining water directly onto the skin. Should keep for around 6 months (less if fresh herbs are used).

How do these ingredients help your skin?

Peppermint – Anti-inflammatory | Anti-bacterial | Astringent | Refreshes | Tones and improves elasticity | Tightens fine lines and large pores.

Rosemary – Stimulates local circulation | Tightens and tones | Astringent | Restores elasticity | Brightens | Anti-bacterial | Fights blackheads.


Please ensure, if you are attempting any of our recipes that you do a skin test on the crook of your arm at least an hour or so before intending to use it to check for sensitivity. Pregnant women should seek advice from a doctor, herbalist or aromatherapist before using any herbal products.

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