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Jane_BarkerDo you ever find that when you go on your summer holidays, the one thing that you can’t escape from is your racing thoughts? With our busy and stressful lives, even if we are lying on a beautiful beach, our minds can find it impossible to relax. In this article, Jane Barker, a Counsellor here at the Clinic, talks to us about her Mindfulness Courses and how, through simple meditation techniques you can reduce your stress levels and enjoy the presence of today!

Whether we are mentally running through ‘To do’ lists for when we get home, or worrying about work or life issues, there sometimes seems no way of escaping the constant stream of thoughts and worries racing through our minds.

Break the stress cycle with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about not letting these unwanted thoughts control us, but focusing on the ‘now’ and through a set of simple yet powerful meditative practices, finding true peace and tranquility.

Mindfulness helps you to break the stress cycle and rediscover your zest for life. Instead of worrying and living in the future or the past, you can stop and really appreciate the world around you.

By helping you to develop your capacity to ‘live in the moment’, it helps you to relax and be more compassionate with yourself and others. By reducing your stress levels, it helps you to build confidence.

As well as being life-enhancing, Mindfulness has been proven to help people to cope with a wide range of issues such as sleep problems, stress, CBT, depression, eating issues, coronary artery disease, chronic pain, psoriasis and anxiety.

What you will learn during a Mindfulness Course is the following:

  1. How to be more aware in the present moment rather than caught up in negative or anxious thoughts.
  2. How to step out of a constant ‘doing’ mode into simply ‘being‘.
  3. To recognise your own responses to stressful situations and develop other ways of dealing with them.
  4. Simple meditation techniques that you can use anywhere which can transform your daily life.

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