Happy New Year from Thame Therapy Clinic…

by Emma Penfold / 02 January 2021 / No Comments

Happy New Year to all  patients and friends of the clinic. We are still open with most of our therapies available with face to face consultations.

We are of course maintaining our ‘covid secure’ protocol:-

  •  Triaging patients before arrival
  •  Sanitising hands frequently
  •  Spacing out the number of patients in the clinic
  •  Wearing masks at all times especially  when less than 2m apart

The Government is allowing us to remain open as most of our main therapies are defined as ‘non-medical essential health care’. We offer these therapies to the increasing number of people who feel the growing strain of living in a covid emergency is undermining their physical and mental health.

We also have various herbal and homeopathic remedies to help stave off the first signs of colds and coughs and winter illnesses which undermine our immune systems.

If you are unlucky enough to have continuing symptoms and malaise after covid 19 we can also offer acupuncture and homeopathic support to help reboot the system. As far as we know there are no medical treatments offered for ‘long covid’.

Please call us on  01844 215555 if you wish to book an appointment.