Homemade Cosmetics: Turning your oil into cream…

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To turn your oil based moisturiser into a cream you will need the following:


  • 2tbsp Vegetable glycerine (if not already in the recipe).
  • 1tbsp sized chunk of beeswax.
  • 15tbsp of your oil.
  • A double boiler, bain marie, saucepan with a heat proof bowl inside or fondue pot.


Begin by melting the beeswax in your chosen pan (it will turn clear and watery). Slowly stir in the glycerine and allow the wax to melt back into it’s clear state. Slowly add in the oil, stiring well. Allow the mixture to return to its clear state. Stir again and remove from the heat. Wait for the mixture to cool (10-15mins) and form a skin. Stir well and pour gently into your chosen pot (try to avoid forming any air bubbles). The cream should last 6 months or more and will be very rich. Only a fingernail sized amount will be needed for both hands etc (otherwise the area maybe too greasy).

Please ensure, if you are attempting any of our recipes that you do a skin test on the crook of your arm at least an hour or so before intending to use it to check for sensitivity. Pregnant women should seek advice from a doctor, herbalist or aromatherapist before using any herbal products.

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