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JillR_smallNobody wants their summer holiday ruined due to a sudden bout of diarrhoea or sickness. One of the best ways to be healthy on holiday is to strengthen your system before you go, by eating and sleeping well. High vitality means high resistance to illness. But, sometimes our lives are so hectic that by the time we reach our holiday destination we are stressed and exhausted leaving us more susceptible to infection. In this article, Jill Roarty, a Homeopathy Practitioner here at the Clinic, offers advice on some homeopathic remedies that can help should you get ill whilst travelling. 

  • Travel Sickness
    Whether you suffer from car, boat or plane sickness, there is a great combination homeopathic remedy, that will help: Cocculus / Petroleum / Tabacaum 30c.  Take 1 pill every 10 – 60 minutes depending on the intensity of the symptoms.
  •  Jet-Lag
    Helios* makes a combination remedy Arnica / Electricitas / Rad Brom 30c.  Put a couple of pills in a bottle of water once you have passed security, and sip.
  • Diarrhoea & Vomiting
    Though there are many Homeopathic remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting, the number one is Arsenicum Album 30c. The clues that you need this remedy are that besides the diarrhoea and/or vomiting, you will feel weak and chilly, and perhaps a little anxious.  If however, your symptoms are the result of over-indulgence with rich food and alcohol, then take Nux Vomica 30c: The hangover miracle cure!
  • Insect Bites & Jellyfish Stings
    Whether it’s a mosquito bite, a bee sting or some other insect bite – the number one homeopathic remedy for insect bites that become red, hot, swollen and itchy is Apis 30c. The two other important remedies are Urtica Urens and Ledum. Take in 30c. Apis and Urtica are also very good for jellyfish stings.
  • Sunburn, Sunstroke, & Heat Rash
    This combination remedy Belladonna, Cantharis, Sol and Urtica Urens in 30c potency is great for taking the pain out of sunburn, and healing the effects of sunstroke or heat rashas it’s good for any kind of minor skin burn or scald.

  • Fear of flying
    If you are a nervous flyer, then the homeopathic comibnation remedy called Triple A (Aconite / Argentum Nitricum / Arsenicum Album could help. 


  • Holiday Constipation
    The number one homeopathic remedy to take with you is Nux Vomica 30c.  The other holiday constipation remedy is Lycopodium 30c. This is indicated if you have bloating, wind and despite a good appetite, seem to feel full after just a few mouthfuls of food.
  • Sinus Pain when Flying
    Sinus pain when flying can be extremely painful. The number one remedy for this is Kali Muriaticum 30c. Take one pill before take-off and one before landing.

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