Homeopathy – “It has made a huge difference to our lives’

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When the body’s natural healing energy becomes stuck, a homeopathic remedy is given. The similar energy of the remedy acts as the catalyst which gets the body’s own forces going again, enabling the natural healing process to continue to repair, renewal and recover. In this article, a client of Selina Hatherley’s, Homeopathic Therapist here at the Clinic, talks about the positive impact this therapy, in particular Vega Testing, had on her teenage daughters life. 

“My daughter was 14 years old, when this first started, three years ago. It was during the summer with only a few episodes of swelling of the eyes.  It just appeared to be a mild symptom of hay fever, and her symptoms were treated effectively with antihistamine.

The following summer, the symptoms worsened and the swelling had also extended from her eyes to lips.  These episodes had increased, and was also accompanied by hives and a feeling of being unwell and heavy. These episodes would take approximately 2-3 days for the swelling to settle, and she had to take time out of school.

We saw an allergy specialist, who did various food tests, but the results were negative.  She was prescribed antihistamine, but the downside of this was that they made her drowsy.

We worked out that every time she went outside, the reaction would start up.  She started to stay inside more, either to avoid the reaction or recovering from a flare up.  It was hard for all of us, but thought there had to be an answer.

I found Selina Hatherley whilst searching for a registered homeopath online, and made an appointment for us to see her.  I noticed that she did Vega testing, which I thought may lead us to some answers.  My daughter was tested by Selina, which was an easy non-invasive procedure.  She was shown to have a reaction to a number of pollens and birch trees. The pollen and tree reaction, explained her allergy symptoms.

Selina prescribed her homeopathic remedies.  Within a week, my daughter had taken her last antihistamine, which previously, she had taken daily and the dosage increased when she had a reaction.  She has been free of any of the symptoms experienced from before.  She had felt nervous about going out, because of how it would make her feel after.  She is now going out to fields and meeting with friends and feels so much better and her confidence is coming back again. 

We can only thank Selina so much for helping us, as it has made a huge difference to our lives.”

Vega testing can help identify substance which cause symptoms, such as hay fever and IBS, and homeopathy can help your symptoms.

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