Hot Stones Massage – A True Winter Warmer…

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The steam rises from the shimmering water, coiling upwards in the warm humidity of the room, and banishing the icy howl from outside the misted window panes. The smooth, soft, stones rest their gentle weight firmly against your skin, soaking their heat deep into your muscles and smoothing away the cares of your busy week…

Hot Stone Massage is a modern therapy based on ancient treatment practices. Using heated stones within massage was present in China as far back as 2000 years ago and was used as a way of improving the function of the internal organs.  In modern practice a combination of hot and cold stones are used on the body as a tool for massage and as heat or cold packs for areas that need more focus. This allows for a much deeper, and often more effective massage, than normal.

As well as being a gorgeous treat for when our weather is being so cold and miserable the use of hot stones has other benefits, too. Heat helps to increase the body’s relaxation response and pre-heats the muscles which allows the therapist to massage more deeply without causing discomfort. The heat also aids cellular repair, increases joint movement and supports normal immune response too.

Stone therapy also maintains a more traditionally spiritual aspect. The stones used in the therapy are made from basalt (a volcanic rock) and are believed to hold some of the deep energy from inside the earth, which is then relayed positively from contact during treatment. The therapist will work with stones at body ‘gateways’ (known as chakras) and often include other stones, such as semi-precious crystals, in order to improve the body’s life force flow and promote balance. Giving you a truly holistic experience!

Lara Roberts offers Hot Stone Massage here at the clinic, for more information click here or call us on 01844 215555

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