How can Complementary Therapies Help with Anxiety ?

by admin / 01 August 2018 / No Comments

Steph Clarkson describes how a combination of hypnotherapy, reiki, and life coaching can help with anxiety.

steph photoOver 3 million people in the UK suffer from Anxiety annually. Bodily symptoms include a fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausea, tightness in the chest and sweating. In the mind, fear, dread and catastrophic thoughts can feel unbearable.

These reactions are caused by the body’s ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response where the body is pumped with adrenalin and other chemicals to help us to deal with a physical, emotional or social threat.

This natural response can be life-saving, however many find anxiety occurs in circumstances that are only mild potential threats such as a stressful workplace, visiting new places, driving or socialising.

When our anxious response is disproportionate to events it can seem debilitating and lead to a loss of confidence as we struggle to move forward or complete everyday tasks. The good news is, anxiety can be managed and alleviated.

As a hypnotherapist and coach, the first step is often to ‘change the script’ during anxious situations. I describe emotions as ‘dashboard lights’. Switching on anxiety is the brain asking us: are we are in danger? Ignoring the question can cause the brain to shout louder, so acknowledge the message and act, even if it’s reassuring ourselves that we’re not in danger.

Shifting your internal language can have rewards. Phrases such as, ‘I try so hard to fight it’ and ‘it’s a constant battle’ can exacerbate the problem and induce adrenalin. By working with hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness, many clients discover that a compassionate yet distant stance to their emotions helps. This can be achieved through practising calming self-talk, focusing on the senses and rationalising techniques. Further therapeutic sessions may release limiting beliefs or reframe negative past events that may have encouraged the anxiety helping the client move forward with a sense of confidence and capability.

As an alternative approach, energy healing techniques such as reiki, EFT  (known as ‘tapping’) can release ‘trapped’ feelings and balance overactivity in the body’s energy field.

There are many approaches that can support anxiety, so whether you’d enjoy working on anxiety through talking therapies, feel energy healing may help you make the shift or simply enjoy the soothing benefits of aromatherapy, start your healing journey today and give Steph a call here at Thame Therapy Clinic.