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paulHow much do you value your life? Do you find that quite often the strains and stresses of the every day stunt your ability to appreciate the real beauty of the life in which you have created? Sometimes we just need a moment to sit back and take stock of what is really important but relaxing our bodies and minds often seems an impossible task. In this article, Hypnotherapist here at the clinic, Paul Hughes, shares his philosophy on life and how Hypnotherapy can aid a more relaxed state of mind.

What are the odds that your parents happened to meet, fall in love and then survive all the problems of a long-term relationship in order to even consider having children? I think you’d agree that the chances are fairly small.

There have been 8000 generations since man first walked the earth. Whatever the chances of your parents meeting may be, they’d have to be multiplied by at least 8000 in order to find the odds of your parents bonding as a long-term couple.

And that’s not all. Every man produces billions of sperm in a lifetime. Every woman produces hundreds of eggs. The chances of any particular sperm and egg meeting are almost incalculably small. Whatever that chance may be, multiply it the odds of your parents establishing a pair-bond and then multiply that by 8000.

How many zeros?!

Your existence is quite simply a breath-takingly unlikely fact. One brush with a sabre-toothed tiger, one sneeze from a typhoid Mary, one misstep on a cliff’s edge and your ancestor would have died. The odds of 16,000 direct ancestors having survived every possible mishap is so remote as to be unbelievable.

There are a hundred thousand million stars in the Milky Way. Pick any one and I’ll try to guess which one you’ve chosen. I’ve a greater chance of getting it right than you had of ever being born.

You are, therefore, the end result of an enormous line of people lucky enough to have survived any number of potential disasters. You’re the product of an almost infinite series of improbabilities. You should be gasping at your own reflection!

We’re all a beautiful defiance of improbability and yet so many of us fail to appreciate the incredible gift of existence. So many of us fail to make the most of our lives.

Hypnotherapy reaches beyond the top-most levels of awareness and works to help harness the power of the deeper levels of consciousness in order to help people relax and make  positive changes.

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