Kitchen Cupboard Cosmetics and Medicine…

by admin / 02 September 2014 / No Comments

If you look around your bathroom you will probably see things like coconut shampoo, grapefruit body scrub, cocoa butter moisturiser, lavender soap and so on. Increasingly a lot of popular cosmetics are based on natural plant products and quite a lot of these will be in your kitchen or garden. In addition there is an enormous market now for ‘super foods’, again all natural plant products, but with new claims for health enhancement. Some of these will probably also be lurking in your kitchen.

The cosmetic and super food industries promoting these products are controversial not least because of the high price tags attached to what are essentially ‘kitchen cupboard cosmetics and medicines’. In the case of cosmetics there are also concerns that some of the cleansing agents added to the natural plants may be toxic or even carcinogenic.

In response to these controversies there are now many books and websites, which explain how you can make your own cosmetics safely and cheaply, and how you can find the right food supplements for various ailments and deficiencies.

Some of the cosmetic recipes are interesting and fun to make, e.g chocolate body scrubs, cucumber eye make-up remover, and lemon and sugar black heads remover!

Keep an eye on our web pages as throughout this month (September) we will be adding some these recipes, in advance of our talk on this subject at Thame Food Festival on Saturday 27th September.

We will also be examining some of the claims for ‘super foods’ and health maintenance.

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