by Emma Penfold / 12 August 2021 / No Comments

The ongoing fallout from the Covid pandemic has thrown up many challenges to our physical and mental health.

Two of the main issues arising for people who have had covid are fatigue and anxiety.

Anxiety is also an issue for many more who haven’t had covid but find their lives after lock down have become complicated and stuck.

There is unfortunately no simple medical solution to fatigue or anxiety as the causes of both of these are multi-factorial and the seriousness of symptoms differs according to age, sex, obesity, the pre-existing state of health, and the severity of the viral infection.

There is however a diagnosis and treatment protocol for fatigue and anxiety that is well documented in the field of Acupuncture. A lot of this has come from the experience of treating people with ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which is another similar malaise which is not particularly well suited to western medical diagnosis and treatment.

Accompanying covid symptoms such as ‘fuzzy brain’, dry cough, and digestive irregularities are also well understood in Acupuncture.

However, understanding viral issues and their symptoms is one thing, getting people better is another. No single treatment protocol can claim to have all the answers to long covid.

Acupuncture treatment of both body and mind is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to an illness such as covid, but the recovery time may still be slow for those who have had significant pre-existing health concerns.

If you would like to have a longer discussion of any of these issues then please contact Andy Roscoe .