Male infertility? Acupuncture can help!

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Andy Roscoe

Andy Roscoe

When couples are struggling to conceive it is often not appreciated that some 30% of unexplained fertility cases are due to male infertility and not ‘female factors’. This skewed perception of infertility is part of the problem which men face when confronted by an unproductive sperm test as it requires a change of mindset to tackle it.

First of all, men are generally less likely than women to present themselves for medical help of any kind. Secondly men are generally less confident about discussing their bodies or their feelings with a doctor or therapist, especially where the issue is potentially life changing. Men generally take action when they can fix things and so discussing infertility may seem like a waste of time!

But talking to an Acupuncturist may help bridge the gap of perception and help overcome the feelings of powerlessness. There is a large amount of research which shows that Acupuncture can make a difference to sperm count, motility, and quality. None of the studies are conclusive, and most recommend that western medicine and acupuncture/Chinese herbs be used together for best results. Often this combination is successful because Acupuncture helps address the emotional/mental stresses which accompany this issue.

Making a decision to get help is empowering. Acupuncture could be a key part of this process.

By Andy Roscoe, Director and Acupuncturist
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