Menopausal Issues and Acupuncture

by admin / 12 February 2018 / No Comments

Although the menopause is a normal transition period in a women’s life, it can be a time of difficulty.  Symptoms start occurring such as night sweats, hot flushes, mood swings, disturbed sleep, irritability, tearfulness, problems concentrating, and over tiredness.

For some women these are experienced as a minor irritation, like a short-lived physical interruption to everyday life. For others it can feel as if normal life has ended and been replaced by a miserable drudge or even desperation. On top of this all sorts of work and home life issues can arise where nothing runs smoothly and decision making can be a nightmare.

Understandably a lot of women seek help and many chose the hormonal/HRT option first. For some though this option doesn’t feel comfortable (and it is now considered a short term medical option because of the risks associated with it), and Acupuncture has become one of the therapies of choice here.

Acupuncture studies, whilst not conclusive, do show that Acupuncture is at least as effective if not superior to conventional hormonal treatment.  It can also be used alongside hormonal treatment particularly where mental and emotional issues are to the fore. Like any holistic medicine, Acupuncture comes into its own when the mind and body falter together and an integrated solution is required.

 Experience at the clinic of treating menopausal women with Acupuncture suggests that the heat disturbances calm substantially and peace of mind is gradually restored.

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