NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS DAY: Get it off your chest, this November 5th…

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It is often hard to admit to ourselves that we are stressed – and it can be even harder to admit it to others. 

If we admit to colleagues at work that we are not coping with workloads or deadlines, will it be a black mark against us? If we are struggling to be a carer to someone we love, but we feel we are becoming angry and resentful, how can we possibly say this? If we are trying to be the perfect Mum, manage a home, hold down a full time job and still be a loving partner, will it just sound like moaning if we talk about the problems?

Talking to a counsellor is one way that could help to combat stress. Taking to an independent ‘outsider’ often gives you the breathing space to let off steam, to say things you cannot or dare not normally say, in the knowledge that you will not be judged, you will not be found wanting, and your words will not be held against you at some future date. If you would like help in dealing with the pressures you are under, a counsellor can explore ways of dealing with your particular situation to try to improve things, to help you manage your stress in a constructive way and to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Throughout November, Jenny Todd, Counsellor here at the clinic, will be offering an introductory one hour session to new clients for just £25.00 (a saving of £20.00).

To book an appointment with Jenny contact the clinic on 01844 215555.

For more information about National Stress Awareness Day and managing your stress levels in general visit;


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