NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER: Let us help control your stress levels.

by admin / 05 November 2013 / No Comments

Stress is everywhere. It is one of the most common conditions experienced by people in the UK today. It is known to contribute to the more serious physical illnesses, as well as being a cause for obesity, itself rapidly growing in numbers.

National Stress Awareness Day (sponsored by The International Stress Management Association UK) which takes place on 6th November, helps raises awareness about stress, how to prevent it and how to manage it once it occurs. The emphasis is on promoting psychological wellbeing of people at work so that they can perform at their peak – ‘If you feel well you perform better than if you feel ill’. It’s about how people feel. People who feel great can often concentrate more effectively on what they want to do, and this is performance.

In line with this national initiative, throughout November, directors Andy Roscoe and Kieren Spencer are offering a FREE 10 minute consultation to discuss the different options available for dealing with stress.

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