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Peter_DewdneyThe key and at the centre of good health is Nutrition. Food with its abundance of nutrients and components are our bodies fuel, enabling us to carry out everyday activities and achievements, as well as many great and incredible feats and endurance. The absence, deficiencies and excesses of foods can restrict, reduce and ultimately cause our bodies to under perform, fail and be unable to achieve these incredible things.

A diet which can deliver the right balance of foods and nutrient content, has the ability to act as our ultimate prevention of illness and disease. Prevention being better than cure is a basic principle we all understand, but also brings with it a further benefit of the reduced reliance and dependence upon conventional pharmaceutical intervention and medication.

In many cases by making only minimal alterations to diet and lifestyle, a great many conditions can be remedied, supported and improved. Digestion, muscular aches and pains, reoccurring illness, allergies and low energy levels are only a few conditions which could be supported using nutrition, diet and natural medicine.

Our busy, hectic and stressful lifestyles as well as environmental factors, also contribute towards increases in our body’s requirements of nutrients and fluids. A personalised dietary plan offers the opportunity to maximise good and new foods in the diet and reduce or remove foods which act against the body’s best interests.

I offer a Free 10 to 15 minute “Introduction to Nutrition” Appointment, which are held every third Tuesday of each month, giving you the opportunity to find out whether your symptoms and/ or condition, could benefit from nutritional therapy and support.

In addition, I offer two detailed appointments covering in more depth, symptoms and medical conditions and dietary analysis. Details of exactly what is included within these two appointments are shown on my website,

My approach is always specifically tailored to the individual, taking into consideration their lifestyles, likes and dislikes, and their objectives. I like to listen to my clients and together seek out the best and right ways to achieve there aims and goals.

If you would like to know more please visit my website which covers in greater detail and depth, just how nutrition and nutritional therapy could potentially be of great benefit to you. You can also put any questions you may have via the contacts page of my website. Alternatively, please telephone the clinic on 01844 215555 who will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

By: Peter DewdneyNutritional Therapist. Practicing at Thame Therapy Clinic