Prepare Yourself for Winter, by Andy Roscoe

by admin / 01 November 2019 / No Comments

The clocks have just gone forward and although it is Autumn the diminishing light at both ends of the day sends a message to all of nature to hunker down and get ready for Winter hibernation.

All that is except for those on two legs who now get ready to work harder than ever! The effort to sustain this workload can have consequences for our health unless we find a way of putting back the energy that we give out.

To do this requires acknowledgement of some basic principles:- 

  • First we need to take adequate rest. This means breaks from work in the day and getting 7-8 hours sleep at night.
  • Second we need to eat at the right times and make warming cooked food with plenty of root vegetables the mainstay of our diet. Porridge, soups, casseroles all tick this box.
  • Third we need to take regular exercise where we move our limbs about and preferably go outdoors. If options are limited, 30 mins of walking a day is sufficient to do this.

To these daily routines I would also encourage you to have Acupuncture to help you adjust to the seasonal changes. Acupuncture is good for tired bodies and flagging spirits. It is not a fix by itself, it is more of a catalyst to help you become energised and motivated to look after yourself better during the cold, dark months. Having Acupuncture once a month is often sufficient to keep you above the waterline if you are feeling overwhelmed.