Refresh your mind and body this spring with Hypnotherapy…

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 As a Hypnotherapist I know how effective Hypnotherapy can be for you wanting to change or improve your wellbeing….

Perhaps you want to eliminate those dirty cigarettes from your life so you feel fitter, stronger within, and breathe fresh unadulterated air…how good would that feel?


Rediscover your inner confidence. Do you tell yourself you are not confident enough or that you have never been confident? Everything you need is within you, allow Hypnotherapy to help find your special qualities. Isn’t about time you focused on what you are good at and what you can do?


Feel in control over your anxiety or nerves on the day of your test…feel confident in outside situations where you feel “vulnerable” or prone to panic attacks…Hypnotherapy can help you identify the triggers and the thoughts which affect how you feel…             


Are you planning for a holiday this spring/summer but find yourself dwelling over the “what if’s” and your fear of flying? You just want to be able to enjoy your holiday and not have to worry about the journey home…

If none of the above apply to you then do not worry! I offer a free consultation which is included during the

Hypnotherapist, Joe Cherry.

Hypnotherapist, Joe Cherry.

first part of the session to discuss what you would like to change and if it’s realistic…

That’s right, Cherry Hypnotherapy can offer you a tailored approach that ensures you welfare and a quick resolution to whatever is holding you back. I’ll help guide you throughout the process of hypnosis so you can feel a wonderful change taking place. You will be amazed at just how effective it can really be!

All you have to do is, when you’re ready, pick up the phone and book your first session by phoning the clinic direct on 01844 215 555. Alternatively you can call 07796378711 to discuss any questions you have before booking or visit for more information.

You will be already one step closer to achieving your goals…

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