Reiki was founded in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui (a scholar of eastern and western medicine) and is renowned for its wonderful healing and relaxing qualities.

Dr. Usui uses the approach (much like other forms of energy work, reflexology and acupuncture) that clearing and smoothing out your energy paths is the key to better health on all levels.

Receiving a Reiki treatment gives you the opportunity to use a natural source – Ki to aid relaxation. The practitioner senses imbalances and enables you to relax enough to draw in natural and pure energies to smooth the flow once more. When we are at rest, our body has the chance to start healing and letting go of the habitual tension that can lead to illness or emotional unrest. This process is perfectly safe and all that is required by you is to lie or sit in comfortable clothing.

Reiki as well as helping prevent an imbalance can also help relieve current conditions and daily issues that hold one back:

  • Anxiety, stress, depression and bereavement
  • Tension headaches
  • Painful and swollen joints
  • Helps with work and sport performance
  • IBS
  • Symptoms linked to M.E.
  • Injuries
  • Personal, work and studying related stress
  • Sleeping problems

This is done gently and at your own pace. Being completely complementary to other therapies, Reiki also enhances the positive effects you experience throughout treatment.

Indian Head Massage with Reiki

This treatment releases tension that is so commonly held in the upper body. Massage is applied to the head, neck, shoulder and upper back and Reiki can be used (boosting and balancing the energetic flow) along the chakra points. This supports the changes in the body (after the massage) allowing the body to trust and let go, lessening the reliance on the ‘fight or flight’ posture that so many of us adopt. You can enjoy this treatment seated or lying down on the comfortable therapy couch. This treatment works to:

  • Boost circulation
  • Ground the client helping with focus and anxiety and depression
  • Promote a feeling of renewal and enrichment
  • Encourage regular sleeping patterns
  • Bring nourishment and renewal to the hair and skin
  • Relieve eye strain, migraines, tension headaches and cleanse the lymphatic system
  • Ease muscular tension and relaxes


Our Practioners

Anna E Shaw
Indian Head Massage with Reiki