Relationship counselling is aimed at helping you:

  • establish a better balance in your relationship
  • improve communication and reduce conflict
  • work together instead of pulling apart
  • rediscover your couple relationship when it is
    under pressure
  • deal with life change issues
  • come to terms with the aftermath of an affair
  • work through grief or loss
  • discover the best way forward for you and those
    close to you.
Sexual problems

An active sex life is an important and enjoyable part of a healthy relationship.

However, most people experience difficulties in their sexual relationship at some time in their life. This could be for a variety of physical and emotional reasons

  •   tiredness
  •   stress
  •   a new baby
  •   illness
  •   pressures at work or at home

Problems could include

  •   erectile dysfunction
  •   premature ejaculation
  •   pain on intercourse
  •   loss of desire or interest

The problems may be temporary, but if they persist psychosexual therapy can help you to work out how to handle them and find a way to move on.

Our Practioners

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Relationship Counselling
Psychosexual Therapy