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Spring is here at last, but what state are you in to make the best of it? If like many you are tired and worn out from the rigours of winter, then now is the time to try and refresh yourself. One of the best ways to regain energy is to have therapeutic touch and we have a lot of experienced practitioners who can help you with this. Massage is often considered a luxury in this country but it can be used more therapeutically to maintain general health.

 Massage comes in many forms including;

1. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is an ancient art combining the use of essential oils with therapeutic massage.

2. Thai: Thai Massage is a unique blend of intense deep tissue massage, meridian energy work and profound yogic stretches which help to release tension and revitalise the body.

We also offer Indian Head, Holistic, Hot Stones, and Sports massage. All of these options can be tailored to specific areas of the body if required.

Therapists: Jill Roarty, Lara Roberts, Debbie Robertshaw or Poppy Bowler.


For a hands-on body mind balancing try;

3. Zero Balancing:  A hands-on, non-invasive technique of bodywork which balances the human energy field and its anatomical structure. It is gentle to receive but powerful in effect, involving subtle holds, pressure and stretches through the clothes of the recipient.

Or Seitei Japanese Acupressure.

Therapists: Andy Roscoe or Ross Barr.


For deeper relaxation and gentle hands-on approach you might to try; 

4. Reiki: A Japanese word representing universal life force energy. It is the energy that makes us alive and is in every living thing. By its very nature, the frequency of this treatment heals the body first, before moving onto mental and emotional levels and finally the spirit.

Therapist: Heather Sinclair

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