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Reiki treatments are a great way of seeking that relaxation and inner peace that many of us crave during our busy days at work or looking after our families. Reiki allows the recipient to relax deeply and enjoy the same benefits as if we were asleep. Our muscles relax down into the therapy couch and the healing effects that our body conducts when at rest are engaged. This can involve a healing within our emotional, physical and higher selves (our energy, or Ki). These levels are linked to each-other intrinsically, so the benefit is not just through physically having a break from everything for an hour or half an hour, although that of course is helpful! 

Anna Shaw, Reiki Master at Thame Therapy Clinic explains more about the service she offers to patients attending the clinic.

“The emphasis of my treatments is to invite people with any daily problem that they are putting up with and to help them through treatments to feel better; sometimes taking the edge of a symptom can help it on its way. Also experiencing the sensations that often occur with a treatment, such as the location of an old injury for example, feel tingly or momentarily warm or cold is interesting for people and helps them realise where in their body that they are slightly ‘stuck’ or carry tension unconsciously. Tension is a bi-product of emotional stress and vice versa but once you have relaxed into a session and become accepting of the busy head the immediate environment, that is when you can let go a little. Acceptance of your current situation helps you feel the benefits and let the Reiki flow and do its positive work to soothe away the tensions!”

Reiki treatments can helped with:
• Stress, anxiety, depression
• Headaches, migraines, tension
• Post-op healing and post-injury pain • Symptoms relating to M.E.
• Swollen ankles and joint pain
• Focus within sport and examinations
• Self-awareness

“When a Reiki session takes place, you can sit or lie on a comfortable therapy couch fully clothed. We can then, if you would like to, discuss what you would like out of the session, which can be anything from relaxation to help with a symptom. It is always best to let your GP know that you are seeking Reiki treatments if you are undergoing other treatments, however there are no known contra-indications of receiving Reiki. Once you feel comfortable, the treatments involve light and appropriate hand positions from the practitioner (who has been attuned to feel Ki and its flow) stimulate the flow of Ki within the recipient. It is a very simple, gentle and noninvasive process that many choose if they prefer not to undress or cannot receive a massage. I usually begin with the head area, as this helps restore calm and comfort. The techniques I use are really popular with my clients because they are designed for their upmost comfort and dignity and at the same time they help calm the mind and the body.”

To book an appointment with Anna Shaw, call 01844 215555.

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