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Andy Roscoe offers a view from his work as a Traditional Acupuncturist:-

 “There is a lot of media interest currently around mental health problems, a lot of it focusing on the mental well-being of teenagers and young adults.

I hear first hand accounts from worried parents about the pressures on their children at school particularly those in exam years. These then give way later to further worries about future directions and finding a job or somewhere to live.

Some of these young people come in and see me for acupuncture. Along with the various expressions of lowness or anxiety there are usually three other basic health indicators flashing , viz. sleep problems, eating problems, and lack of physical exercise. All of these indicators are important for mental health and staying physically well, and need to be addressed.

Sometimes just addressing one of these will start the ball rolling towards good health. But usually the feelings of depression get in the way of making good decisions and these people get demotivated and can’t get out of their weak, stuck position.

Acupuncture can be an essential catalyst here. It re-activates the mind-body connection and allows space and calmness to return, the pre-requisite for making good decisions. In this state of mind it is easier to commit to lifestyle changes which will allow better sleep, eating and exercise. More importantly, acupuncture helps you feel good about yourself and restores the confidence needed to tackle difficult problems”.

I work here are the Clinic, Tuesdays-Fridays and offer Acupuncture sessions for those under-18 for £25.00.

If you are worried about your child’s Mental Health, there is lots of useful information on this website that may help you: