Staying Well in the Pandemic, from Andy Roscoe, Acupuncturist and Director

by Emma Penfold / 19 February 2021 / No Comments

There is a lot of advice every week in the media about how to stay well in this pandemic.

Not surprisingly it is also part of the conversation I have with my patients when we discuss their state of health. I see my role here as someone neutral who listens without judgement but can also inject ideas and suggestions to help see things differently or unlock problems. Combining observations and suggestions with energetic rebalancing of the body and mind can help people connect to their purpose again in a meaningful way and can open the door to better health.

Perhaps the best single advice I’ve read during this pandemic was about the husband and wife, both working at home, who would meet every lunchtime for a dance session to their favourite music to break up the long hours on the computer. But of course there is no single suggestion that will appeal to all, and in any case most peoples’ lives are more complex than this.

As in non-pandemic times, the key is to find a daily routine that is sustainable. At the core of this are some basic requirements such as eating regular meals, getting enough sleep at the right times, and doing daily exercise of some sort.

After these considerations the most important things are having work which has meaning or purpose whether paid or not, and maintaining social contact with the people who matter in our lives. None of these things are easy to find or sustain at the moment. For people in tough situations being driven to the edge of their tolerance, I try to keep spirits up and lift the energy. In my experience, people who stay open to the possibility of change are more likely to find their way out of difficult times.