The benefits of Physiotherapy and how it could help you…

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Physiotherapy is a HealthCare profession concerned with the assessment, maintenance, and restoration of the physical function and performance of the body. It is a distinct form of care which can be performed both in isolation and in conjunction with other types of medical management. Used in conjunction with certain medical or surgical techniques, physiotherapy can complement these techniques to help provide a speedy
and complication-free return to normal activity.

Irene Ricketts, Physiotherapist here at Thame Therapy Clinic tells us about her approach to this type of therapy.

I specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.This is the specialism of physiotherapy that deals with back and neck pain, joint and muscular problems (e.g. frozen shoulder, impingement, tennis elbow, cuff tear), ligament tears, sports injuries (e.g. meniscus tear, ankle sprain), arthritis and rehabilitation after surgery (e.g. total hip and knee replacement) or fracture.

My treatments will more often than not include massage and joint mobilisation or manipulation although this is not always appropriate and will be dependent on the severity and nature of the problem. Ultrasound and taping can be utilised to assist in the healing process and for pain- relief.

I have a very hands-on approach to my treatment but support this with exercise regimes, advice and education in order to get the best outcome.

My philosophy gets right to the heart of dealing with the underlying cause of pain. I don’t just treat the symptoms as they are presented, but look to build a partnership with patients to ensure that the pain does not reoccur”.

Irene, is trained in Sports Physiotherapy, Health care and Fitness and can evaluate sports related conditions and identify the source of an injury, relating to a specific sport. She also uses Pilates exercises to support posture and core strength and provides exercise sheets to do at home.

Irene continues,“At the first session I will take a lot of information about a patients problem and conduct a thorough examination.The time taken to do this

at the beginning is invaluable as it allows me to gain a better understanding of
the condition and ultimately provide the best possible treatment.This may include postural advice, ergonomic advice, training advice and/or exercise regimes. Everybody is different and the treatment offered will be tailored to a persons specific needs”.

For more complicated problems, which may require several sessions of physiotherapy over a course of time, Irene blends conventional medicine with evidence-based, natural therapies such as dietary change, acupressure massage, ear acupuncture, herbal medicine and iridology.

If you are in any doubt if physiotherapy is suitable for your injury or problem, then please contact Irene Ricketts (Physiotherapist BSc SRP, www. at the clinic on 01844 215555.

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