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poppyIf you are looking for a dynamic way to tone up your muscles after a flabby, sedentary January, then Poppy Bowler could be the right person for you. 

Poppy has been working at the Clinic as a Sports and Remedial Masseuse for the past 4 years. She has now qualified in Traditional Acupuncture from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reading, and is offering new, exciting treatment combinations at the clinic.

Both Acupuncture and Sports Massage therapies can be used to promote mental and physical relaxation which is the precursor to keeping muscles strong but flexible.

Would you like to move more easily with less effort?
Specific muscular complaints can also be addressed with either Acupuncture or Sports Massage. This will be very useful for you if you train regularly and need a quick, drug free way of treating acute injuries or tight muscles. Or you may just need a way of maintaining fitness and mobility as part of your programme of wellbeing and weight control. What ever you need this is a powerful but gentle way of staying mobile and well.

Hands-on massage is often enough to keep the body fit and flexible. If not, then Acupuncture can offer so much more for muscular skeletal health than just needles. You may be given cupping (moving suction cups over the body), quasha ( gentle scrapping and toning of the skin), tuina (manual massage techniques ), or moxibustion (applying heated herbs to energy points on the body ).

Acupuncture is of course also useful for the diagnosis and treatment of physical pains which have a deeper organ based source.

For more information visit Poppy Bowler’s page by clicking here.

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