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Mick McCleary
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I am a Cert III and IV qualified Personal Trainer. Disillusioned by the lack of quality in the general training qualifications, and noting how many clients had ongoing niggling injuries, I sought out further education from the best people in their respective fields.

I have studied under Australia’s own Strength and Conditioning expert Tony Boutagy. I am a Level 1 and 2 PICP qualified coach under leading strength coach Charles Poliquin.

But even after gathering all this new training information, which was invaluable, I still found that clients and the clients of people around me still carried around minor and major niggling injuries. Even after treatments the niggles kept coming back. So I looked for answers to their problems. I qualified in massage the learnt all about trigger points before qualifying in ART. Active Release Technique (ART) is a soft tissue treatment system developed by American chiropractor Dr P. Michael Leahy. ART is fast becoming one of the gold standard soft tissue treatments in the world. It enables me to treat my clients acute/chronic injuries and pain which enables them to continue their training programs. I am currently qualified the Upper Limb, Spine and Lower Limb in ART. NB: There is no joint manipulation in these treatments! Recently I was fortunate to be trained in the Bodywall, Bodytool, and Scarsaway treatment system developed by pain specialist Chris Toal in New Zealand. A good friend in NZ harped on about Bodywall to me for 2 years. Finally, on a visit home, he persuaded me to go a see Chris and the Bodywall. I was given a 30 minute workout and a 30 minute stretch. As soon as I had finished stretching I knew I had to have one of these for my business in the UK. It is genius in it’s design. Then Chris taught me how to audit the body for old pain/scars/injuries/adhesions/trigger points etc. And how the tensions lines from these old injuries can add undue stress and lead to pain in other parts of the body. The Bodytool is brilliant at finding these old sites and helping to remove them forever! He fixed my 3 year old achilles problem in 30 minutes. Finally a treatment system that truly ‘just makes sense’. And the Bodytool proves his system is right. So I now combine the Bodytool, ART, Trigger Point and the Bodywall Training and Stretching Systems to keep my clients out of pain so they can continue to live a happy active life.

Fees:  Initial Consultation 90 mins £75 | Follow ups 60 mins £60