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Phoebe Weiland
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I use a range of tried and tested counselling and meditative techniques to help you feel more balanced and happy as quickly as possible. I work with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma and physical symptoms driven by emotions.

Hypno-psychotherapy works to unite conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings..


We are  aware of our conscious rational thoughts but are often driven by more powerful subconscious fears and feelings, which say something different. This can create tension and block progress. Yet when these two parts of the mind work together, they are a tremendous team for healing, creative problem solving and confidence building.

Talk first, then relax and meditate..

Hypno-psychotherapy combines tried and tested counselling techniques with guided meditation. This approach helps to:

  • defuse difficult memories and experiences
  • overcome depression or anxiety
  • manage pain
  • break a habit
  • face a challenge
  • alleviate physical symptoms

Feel better fast..

My aim is to make you feel more balanced and resilient after every appointment. Although I will need to know something about your past to understand your present, our work together will always be about the future and how to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

How therapy sessions work..

Each session begins with a focussed and practical discussion to help you work out what makes you feel better and create a road map to reach this. We will identify the personal resources and skills you already have to do so, as well as those we can develop.

This is then followed by a relaxing few moments of guided meditation to reflect on the ideas you have generated and imagine putting them into practice. This conversation with the subconscious strengthens the bond between conscious thought and instinctive behaviours, to get them working together again.

Learning skills and strategies..

Much of what we do together will be highly practical. You may learn how to manage your time better, or sleep more easily. Or you might discover how to feel more relaxed in social situations or to quickly defuse stress or panic. 

Our body often reflects our emotional state..

Many of us have physical symptoms which are fuelled by our thoughts and feelings. This may be anything from a ‘nervous tummy’ (IBS) to joint or muscle pain and feelings of exhaustion.  Sometimes our body is telling us something our mind finds hard to face. When the two are helped to connect and communicate with each other properly, solutions are found and symptoms often disappear.

Pain is primarily driven by stress, tension and anxiety. Learning to manage these feelings can have a huge impact on helping you feel more comfortable, so you can return to your normal activities.

How to get started..

If you would like to know more, please visit my website or email me at You are also welcome to call me on 07873 972 120. This way I can give you some idea of the kind of work we might do together straight away.

You can find me online at:


All sessions last one and a half hours and are charged at 65.00 GPB per session. Please let me know if finance is an issue for you as I will always try to help where I can. See below for information on reduced rates I am currently offering, whilst in training for new qualifications.

Training and qualifications

I trained with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and the London College of  Clinical Hypnosis. I am a fully accredited member of the UK Council of Psychotherapy and am currently in training with the Human Givens Institute.      (

I have undertaking more training in gut-directed psychotherapy, chronic pain management, trauma and healthy eating as well as the use of hypnosis for childbirth (‘hypno-birthing’). I have worked directly with victims of domestic, workplace and sexual abuse.

Reduced rates

I am currently undergoing additional training to be a Human Givens Practitioner ( This is related to hypno-psychotherapy but broadens my skills. I am now sufficiently qualified to provide Human Givens therapy as a trainee (supported by a supervisor) and am offering this type of therapy at a reduced rate of 40.00 GBP per session. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.