Stephanie Clarkson Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, Reiki
Stephanie Clarkson
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Steph is an experienced hypnotherapist and wellbeing coach specialising in anxiety and fear-related issues.

Sessions are designed to help you manage your mind and emotions helping  you stop what is holding you back and start what what will move you forward.”

We do this together using up to date techniques from the world of NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, Life Coaching, EMDR and Solution Focused Therapy.


Working with the conscious and subconscious mind for positive change in all aspects of life.

Life Coaching*

Practical exercises and a shift in perspective to get you out of that rut and moving forwards.


Many clients describe it as a  ‘weight lifted’ after experiencing this Japanese energy balancing and healing technique.

*Steph also has a background in Mindfulness and Meditation which where appropriate can be incorporated into sessions.

I can support you with:

Anxiety | Anger | Assertiveness | Low mood | Overwhelm | Stress | Depression | Self Esteem | Confidence | Feeling Lost | Indecision | Procrastination | Worry | Guilt | Weight management | OCD | Health Anxiety | Fear of medical environments| Panic Attacks | Performance Anxiety | Fear of Flying | Irrational Fears | Nail Biting | Relationship Breakdown | Stuck in a Rut | Lost feelings | Lack of Motivation| Traumatic Experiences

Evening Appointments Available, plus a range of holistic massage treatments

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To book your session please call reception on 01844 215555


Hypnotherapy    60 mins £60
Life coach    60 mins £60
Reiki    45 mins  £45