Facial Revitalisation

Chinese Holistic Facial Massage

This is gentle facial massage designed for deep relaxation and nourishment.

Techniques used include:-

  • Zero Balancing, Setei Acupressure, and selected facial and  body acupuncture points to calm mind and body
  • Japanese tiger warmer to simulate the face and smooth wrinkles
  • Derma roller to invigorate energy and blood flow to the face
  • Relaxing and luxurious Chinese tuina facial massage with organic argan oil

The massage is based on ancient Chinese and Japanese methods to revitalise energy pathways which connect the mind and body.

Stimulation of acupressure points on the face help promote better skin texture and colour

Although the massage is applied to the head, face and neck only it is common for the benefits to be felt in the whole body.

Sessions that include Zero Balancing, Seitei Acupressure or Facial needles last 90 mins.

Sessions with facial massage techniques only last 45 mins.

Our Practitioners

Andy Roscoe


Herbal Patents

Zero Balancing

Ross Barr


Japanese Acupressure and Setei