Understanding and Treating Long Covid By Andy Roscoe.

by Emma Penfold / 09 November 2021 / No Comments

At present there is no medical diagnosis for the symptoms of Long Covid and therefore no drug treatment on offer. The main symptoms of fatigue and mushy brain are however not new in the post viral world as this is what many people have suffered from who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME, and similarly there has been no medical drug treatment for this condition.

In this situation people are finding complementary therapies and counselling more useful especially where the symptoms are dominated by anxiety. Depending on the severity of the initial exposure to Covid 19, therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy can be very useful alternative responses to the many strange symptoms thrown up by Long Covid.

In acupuncture theory the Covid or Sars 2 virus creates a stagnation of fluids in the body, usually in the lungs first but also in the digestive system. This stagnation of fluids is one of the reasons that people have died of blood clots if they were unlucky enough to have Covid badly and needed to go to hospital. It also explains why pre-existing obesity was a key indicator in the chances of surviving Covid 19 as obese people already had a pre-existing stagnation of bodily fluids. But more commonly it presents often as a dry cough (stagnation of fluids in the lungs), followed by a swamping of the digestive fluids particularly in the spleen. This effectively wipes out the two main engine rooms of the body and hence chronic fatigue sets in.

Once the engine rooms that create red blood and nourish the body have seized up, then there will be a lack of nourishment to the brain, hence ‘mushy brain’, and associated sense organs such as the ears will feel blocked, and the ability to smell and taste will also be swamped by the excess fluid.

Further down the digestive system the condition will present as diarrhoea as the colon and stomach become overwhelmed by fluids. And the strange symptom of a rash on the outer edge of the big toe may also occur as this is the acupuncture pathway of the spleen.

Recovery from any of the above symptoms will not be automatic using complementary therapies, but it is worth knowing that post viral conditions have been with us a long time and there is help out there.

If you would like to have a longer discussion of any of these issues then please contact Andy Roscoe.