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In 1865 Friedrich August Kekulé, a German chemist, dreamed of atoms forming a string. He’d spent months struggling to determine the molecular structure of benzene, with no success. Over the course of this dream the string of atoms became increasingly snake-like. The snake then took its tail in its mouth and formed a circle. When he awoke, Kekulé recalled this dream and realised that his search was over. Benzene was structured in a circular fashion. 

How had he come to this conclusion? Was it a co-incidence or was there a part of his mind which had continued working on his problem whilst he slept?

Neuroscience increasingly believes in the existence of an unconscious mind, that our minds operate on several levels and that we are only dimly aware of the totality of how our brains work.

Hypnotherapists reach beyond the top-most levels of awareness and work to help harness the power of these deeper levels of consciousness in order to help people to make changes happen.

I once worked with a young lady who wanted to stop eating chocolate. I don’t usually do this, for I believe in helping people to enjoy food so much that they need less. Diets don’t work and deprivation generally proves to be counter-productive. Nonetheless, this woman wanted to stop eating chocolate and so I agreed to help.

I knew she was less than keen on insects and so, whilst she was in a rather deep level of hypnosis, I told her of regulations permitting no more than 90 insect fragments in every 100g of chocolate. In other words, for every square of chocolate you consume, you’re also enjoying a few bits of flies, spiders, beetles and whatever else happens to fall into the mix.

In our second session this woman told me that she’d zoned out so completely that she had no memory what I‘d said in the first session. However, whenever she saw chocolate she felt a wave of nausea and so had no wish or desire to eat it. Mission accomplished!

I’ve used hypnotherapy to help people overcome depression, OCD, anxiety, phobias, addictions, weight-related issues, IBS and performance anxieties of all kinds. The list is endless. What would you like to change?

by Paul Hughes, Hypnotherapist here at the Clinic.



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