Wave goodbye to backache – Back Care Awareness Week (8th – 12th October)

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It’s thought that 4 out of every 5 adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. So to coincide with Back Care Awareness Week (8th – 12th October) Osteopaths, Physiotherapists & Acupuncturists at Thame Therapy Clinic are offering a FREE 10 minute consultation to discuss your back problems.

Back problems feature high up in the a diagnosis and this in itself can start frequency of main complaints presented the healing process purely by calming by clients who visit Thame Therapy Clinic. down irrational fears. This in turn makes Many have visited their GP and been it more likely for remedial treatment prescribed Painkillers, which just aren’t to work, which involves having skilled cutting the mustard. This is because they hands-on treatment from an experienced are only a short term solution to ease the pain, rarely will they get to the root of the problem.
Andy Roscoe, co-director and Acupuncturist at the clinic says, “We hear all kinds of reasons as to why patients have hurt their back. From the acute ‘I took the lawn mower out of the boot and my back went…’ to the chronic ‘I’ve been waking up with an uncomfortable back for 3 months and then this morning it seized up completely…’ to the more serious problems which involve wear and tear of the skeletal structure.”

He continues, “these types of problems are eminently treatable with osteopathy, physiotherapy and/or acupuncture, all three of which are recommended in NICE guidelines as proven and effective treatments for back pain.”

All these therapies take a full case history and make a careful diagnosis before treatment begins. This is often the first time that the client will have had

In the case of osteopathy it could involve massaging of muscles and/or some manipulation of the spine. With physiotherapy it may involve hands on work on the muscles together with exercises to strengthen weak areas. Acupuncture aims to eradicate acute pain using needles, which allow muscles to lengthen again, followed by treatment which strengthens the body and mind.

Andy comments, “All three modalities work very well together. We often say at the clinic that the NHS would be a lot more effective in terms of pain relief if clients had free or quicker access to one or more of these treatments. This not being the case we recognise the financial burden this may pose for some people and we aim to try and make a noticeable improvement within five treatments. If there is a good reaction to treatment we often find that clients will return every 4-8 weeks for a maintenance check to keep well. We would say that this is good value for money.”

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