We are pleased to welcome a new Acupuncturist to the clinic: Deborah Amlot,

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We are pleased to welcome new Acupuncturist, Deborah Amlot to the clinic, who has taken over from Poppy Bowler and will be working closely with Andy Roscoe .

Thame Therapy Clinic

Deborah Amlot

Deborah explains her interest and training in Acupuncture :-

“Acupuncture has had a very positive impact on my life and my children’s lives and I decided to train as an Acupuncturist as a result of this and a long term interest in complementary medicine.

Chinese medicine seemed to me to contain a lot of common sense especially the idea of the body working best when in balance. The aim of most acupuncture is to balance the body, mind and spirit in a way that Western Medicine does not, and this is important to me.

My course in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine was at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. The course was fantastic in many ways, especially the focus on clinical experience in the final year. I was particularly struck by the way in which Acupuncture addressed mental health issues and not just injuries and pain for which it is widely known. By the time I left I had experience in treating a wide variety of physical and mental conditions.

I am now just finishing a post graduate diploma in paediatric acupuncture. Having three children myself who have benefited from Acupuncture I am keen for other children to benefit and for parents to know there is and alternative to Western medicine. The course teaches many ways of stimulating the energy pathways including a type of massage called Tuina, the use of a warming herb called moxa, and the invigoration of the skin with scraping tools called quasha. Needles are not the only option in Acupuncture!

I am in clinic on Tuesdays.

Throughout JULY the Clinic are offering a 33% Discount for your first treatment with Debbie!

If you wish to meet for an informal discussion or want to book in please call reception on 01844 215555.