Why am I in Pain?

by admin / 08 February 2019 / No Comments

Mick Mcleary, bodyworker here at Thame Therapy Clinic explains why deep tissue massage is an essential part of unlocking pain caused by old scar tissue…

Mick McClearyOur physical bodies sometimes take a hit and go into pain. Often the cause is recent and clear, eg a fall, or an accident, or lifting something heavy.

But there are other times when we experience body pain and there is no obvious cause. People who have this pain often say , ‘ I picked up a pencil and my back went’ or ‘my elbow started hurting for no reason’, or I get sciatica when I drive the car’ and so forth.

These pains invariably come from a longer standing imbalance in the musculo-skeletal system which is now a chronic weakness in one part of the body. This weakness has forced the body to over-compensate elsewhere, and  now pains are appearing for no reason and movement is stiffer, harder work or painful.

The underlying problem is often deep scaring of the myofascia and this is where deep tissue massage can be so useful.

Mick explains that the myofascia  or fascia are the tough muscle sheaths which connect all our muscles to the skeleton and allow muscles to glide smoothly over each other. When we take a hit, collagen is laid down by the body and this combines with the fascia to create a super hard scar that behaves like hardened steel and effectively shuts down movement and flexibility.

Modern science has shown that  fascial scar tissue can withstand up to 2000lbs/psi of pressure and is implicated in 85% of all musculo-skeletal pain!

Mick  has learnt a massage technique which uses a tool that is tipped with two gemstones (Quartz and Greenstone/Jade). This tool allows him to  scan and treat old scar injuries with more ease and depth and precision. Old hard scar tissue starts to soften and once again your body moves better.

Mick  works at the clinic on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Phone 01844 215555 to make a booking.