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Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a unique blend of intense deep tissue massage, meridian energy work and profound yogic stretches which help to release tension and revitalise the body.

Known also as ‘Naut Thai,’ it follows the ancient art of traditional Buddhist massage and focuses both on the physical manipulation of the body and the rebalancing of the body’s ‘palang sak’ or inner energy. It is believed that pain and illness can cause disharmony in this energy and by stimulating certain points known as ‘sen lines’ we can help the body gain the energy it needs to heal with.

Thai massage is traditionally performed on a floor mat with the receiver remaining fully clothed and positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions that help stretch out muscles and release tension. Firm, rhythmic pressure is then applied using hands, forearms, elbows and feet to ease strain and constriction. This unique practice is different from western forms of body work and is deeply rooted in a dance-like style of movement.

In the Luk-Pra-Kob variation of Thai massage a warm herbal ball is used to do the massage, adding traditional Thai herbal aromatherapy to soothe and relax tired muscles and refresh the mind. Warming the soft tissues allows a therapist to work more effectively into tight muscles and can be a valuable source of relief for soreness and pain, causing deeper relaxation than a normal massage. The essential oils within the herbs inside the balls have properties that enhance this warming effect and provide valuable anti-inflammatory, stimulant and regenerative effects which further improve the experience.

Thai Massage Effectiveness

Naut Thai and Luk-Pra-Kob can help with a variety of concerns as, like many other holistic treatments, it focuses on balancing the entire body and encouraging healing to take place.

Physical Benefits

  • Helps to increase blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Increases muscle mobility and flexibility
  • Improves breathing
  • Improves body posture and alignment
  • Aids detoxification and clears energy blockages
  • Aids joint and back problems
  • Boosts the immune system and alleviates chronic conditions


Mental Benefits

  • Aids concentration
  • Clears and calms the mind
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves outlook and reduces negativity
  • Helps to boost inner resources


Please wear  loose clothing where possible.

Traditional Massage Session (2 hours): £85

Full Body Thai Masage (1 hour): £50

Traditional Luk-Pra-Kob Massage (2 hours): £90

Thai ‘Luk-Pra-Kob’ Massage (1 hour): £55






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