Zero balancing is a bodywork therapy that addresses many common problems…

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Zero balancing is a bodywork therapy that addresses many common problems, from body aches and pains to long-running, dysfunctional mental habits.

andy_newIt is a great therapy for people who are probably not unwell in a medical sense, but whose bodies and minds are in disarray and always feeling stressed. It is a great antidote for the negative effects of modern living, with too many plates spinning and not enough time to do it all.

It is also great for people who need the experience of safe touch, to reconnect with their bodies on a deeper level. Having a sense of intimacy and safe touch which respects boundaries helps us to relax and feel happy deep down.

The therapy is done fully clothed and consists of holds and stretches which invite the client to relax. Some say that it is akin to having yoga done to you.  Most people feel calm and refreshed at the end of a session, some even euphoric!

A session lasts 45 minutes and after the initial couple of sessions can be used as a ‘stay well’ therapy every 4-8 weeks.

For further details on Zero Balancing, click here, or call 01844 215555 and Andy Roscoe is happy to explain more or book you an appointment.

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