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Alok Kashyap

Alok Kashyap



01844 215 555

With over fifteen years of work experience in Physiotherapy, he currently works as a Consultant Sonographer at West Middlesex, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, where he performs diagnostic and interventional (Steroid injections) Musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography in the Radiology department for various musculoskeletal conditions. He has extensive experience in both private and NHS trusts for many years. He is also a Manuscript Reviewer for Ultrasound at the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), where he contributes to the advancement and dissemination of ultrasound knowledge and practice. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound from Bournemouth University, a Master’s Degree in Applied Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Independent Prescribing from Oxford Brookes University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine from SOMM, Hertfordshire.

He has been treating all types of MSK and sports-related injuries. Armed with a variety of specialized treatment techniques such as Sonography, Manual Therapy, Injection Therapy, Acupuncture, Taping, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy; he aims to provide a holistic treatment package for musculoskeletal problems. He has developed strong skills in MSK Diagnostic and interventional Sonography and has experience in Ultrasound-guided steroid injections for more than ten years now performing a variety of injections for joint and tendon-related problems. In addition, he also teaches and offers MSK Sonography supervision to a wide variety of health professionals in NHS and privately.

Overall, he is passionate about providing high-quality patient care and improving health outcomes. He is always eager to learn and collaborate with other professionals in the field. He values diversity, innovation, and excellence, and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of the people he serves. He is registered with HCPC, CSP, SOR and BMUS.


Initial Assessment – 45 min – £60

Follow Up – 30 min – £50

Longer Session – 45 min – £70

Longer Session – 60 min – £90

Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Scanning  – £150

Ultrasound imaging guided injection – £250


A 61-year-old female with Trigger thumb

I have suffered with a trigger thumb for 10 weeks now and opted for an injection. I am so impressed with how quickly I was able to be seen. The whole procedure took approx. 45 minutes and was almost painless. We discussed why it had happened and I could see very clearly on the scan the problem. Everything was explained very well to me, and I look forward to a pain-free thumb. Can highly recommend it. 

75 Year Man with Osteoarthritis hands

I am very pleased with the injection treatment I received from Alok. I have every confidence in his treatment and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

71-year-old Male bilateral shoulder injection

Glad I had the injection.

91-year-old Knee OA injection

I brought my mum to Alok today, she could hardly walk (she’s 91). An hour later she was out of pain and walking perfectly. It was brilliant.  Alok was so nice to her and attentive and the treatment was great and very professional. We are so pleased.

67-year-old lady for finger OA and trigger finger

You explained my condition and the procedure very well and put me at ease during the injections. I am pleased to report that my finger has now fully recovered, I am no longer in pain, and it is more flexible. Thank you for seeing me so promptly.

74-year old Male with Osteoarthritis Hip injection

Immediate pain relief post injection. Brilliant

77-Year-old female Knee injection

Noticeable reduction of pain

53-year-old female with Shoulder injection for frozen shoulder

Improved range of motion and reduced pain. Much better

59-year-old Male with shoulder injection

Clear, informative, and effective treatment undertaken promptly by an excellent expert clinician. Would thoroughly recommend.


Alok Kashyap

Thank you for your message. We will reply to you as soon as we can.

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