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Peter Dewdney

Peter Dewdney

Nutritional Therapy


01844 215 555

Natural Solutions for Optimal Health

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

Peter has approaching 20 years experience in naturopathic health. Together with his wife Suzanne, he has run a successful health and organics store in Thame, Oxfordshire.

They have seen first hand the considerable benefits which can be achieved in relieving and supporting conditions through changes in diet, lifestyle and the use of naturopathy.

Through these years of experience and his formal qualifications in nutritional therapy, Peter has developed a strong reputation with his clients, who come from a wide variety of professions and background. Alongside his busy schedule in private practice, he continues with his studies into further and more detailed areas of naturopathy.

"My approach to each case is very similar in as much as I treat everyone as truly unique, with differing lifestyles, diets, stresses, medications and history. I look at the relevant and interconnecting areas of our bodies to establish ways to support, assist and ultimately improve our specific or general areas of health.

Similar and repeated issues arise from clients over the years which gives cause for greater research. This can lead to what some may call areas of special interest, topics where greater knowledge and experience has been acquired.

In my own case these would include digestion, immunity in its various degrees and forms and areas which include a high degree of complication."

10-15 min introductory appointment – Free (every 4th Tues of month)

50 min symptom/condition investigation – £75

Two x 50 min appointments, full investigation and dietary analysis – £190


Peter Dewdney

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