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Selina Hatherley

Selina Hatherley

Food Intolerance Testing, Homeopathy


01844 215 555

Selina Hatherley (RSHom)

Selina became interested in homeopathy when like many mothers, she wanted a gentle, safe and effective way of treating her children. She was so impressed and intrigued with the results of homeopathy, that she subsequently went on to train for four years, as a professional homeopath.

Selina has been in practice for 20 years, and is a registered member, and Chair of the Society of Homeopaths – one of the largest organisations registering professional homeopaths in Europe – she abides by their Code of Ethics and Practice, and is fully insured.

As a homeopath in practice, Selina sees increasingly more people with digestive problems such as bloating, discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, IBS, as well as food intolerance – often to wheat or dairy products.

Using a simple, painless test, she can help identify substances which may be causing problems as well as testing for sensitivity to environmental allergens such as pollens and chemicals.

For further details about homeopathy and food intolerance testing, contact Selina for an exploratory chat.


Initial Consultation (60 mins)

Adults – £85

Children (under 14) – £65

Further appointments (30 mins)

Adults – £55

Children (under 14) – £45


Selina Hatherley

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