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Vicki Page

Vicki Page

Complementary Therapies, Massage


01844 215 555

Vicki Page Bsc (Hons)

Complementary Therapies, Massage Therapy & Nutritional Supplements for Health & Wellbeing

Vicki has worked as a Complementary Therapist since 2003, initially from eau de vie Natural Health Centre in Oxford.

These treatments have helped people with conditions, such as;

* Anxiety & Depression

* Muscular aches and pains

* Chronic Conditions

* Everyday Emotional Stress and Tiredness

They can help release aches and pains. And are a good addition to a self-care routine.

Vicki has also attended training with Synergy with their Nutritional Supplements since 2016. And can support people through a Micro- biome detox, which is a Deep Cleanse for the body and can help with Auto- Immune Diseases, help to regulate Hormones, help with Weight Loss and to release the pain of some types of Arthritis.

The Massage Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, The Japanese Hot Stone Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Aromatherapy Facial Treatment & The Natural Facelift Facial, Reflexology. Indian Head Massage & Combination Treatments.


Vicki Page

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