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Why Homeopathy?

When we are ill or injured the body immediately starts its own healing process in an effort to repair, renew and recover.

This energetic process is helped by good diet, exercise, healthy mind and body – a healthy balance. However the process can be slowed down or even stopped by our response to other influences such as grief, shock or inherited tendencies. One of the definitions of health is our ability to adapt to change and trauma.

This is where homeopathy comes in.

When the body’s natural healing energy becomes stuck, a homeopathic remedy is given. The similar energy of the remedy acts as the catalyst which gets the body’s own forces going again, enabling the natural healing process to continue to repair, renewal and recover.

Yes but…

I don’t believe in it... It’s just placebo... You don’t need faith for homeopathy to work.

Placebo needs the power of suggestion to work – babies and animals unaware they are being given ‘medicine’ still get better with homeopathy.

I’m taking medication from my GP...

No problem – homeopathic remedies will not affect any medication you are taking and are complementary with many other therapies.

I tried it once and it didn’t work...

You will usually need several appointments with your homeopath to allow any difficulties that have accumulated during your lifetime to be slowly and gently released.

What happens during a consultation?

I listen, and will ask detailed questions about you and your symptoms to enable me to find a remedy with a similar picture. All consultations are completely confidential.

Our Practioners:

Selina Hatherley


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